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Townfields, Knutsford

Reported anonymously at 12:52, Wednesday 17 August 2022

Drivers of Peaks and Plains vehicles do not appear to understand the highway code plus this hedge is overgrown with brambles Photographs taken 2022_08_17 at 11:57am 8.General advice (144 to 158) 144 ​You MUST NOT • drive dangerously • drive without due care and attention • drive without reasonable consideration for other road users. Driving requires focus and attention at all times. Remember, you may be driving dangerously or travelling too fast even if you don’t mean to. Law RTA 1988 sects 2 & 3 as amended by RTA 1991 145 You MUST NOT drive on or over a pavement, footpath or bridleway except to gain lawful access to property, or in the case of an emergency. Laws HA 1835 sect 72 & RTA 1988 sect 34



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